Your Essential Landscaping Tools List

landscaping tools list

A landscaping tools list is a list of special tools used for landscaping. Any of these tools may be needed by a landscaper and are available at any hardware store. Landscaping tools may be divided into manual tools and electric tools. Here’s a list of landscaping tools needed for yard landscaping.

Rake – Landscaping Tools List

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A rake can be an essential tool in a landscaping business. A landscaping rake can be purchased as a single unit or as a set, including handle, claw, trowel, and spike. Buy the right size rake for your height and your garden tools. This is a very versatile tool that can accomplish most gardening tasks.


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A spade is not included on a landscaping tools list because it is a garden tool and is more for the purpose of landscape maintenance than plant care. However, a spade can still be a very useful landscaping tool. It can be used to shape the soil, remove weeds and rocks, and dig furrows for planting. Most spades have a shovel attached to them so that the user can move the soil around after using it. If you plan to do any heavy digging, make sure that you have a spade with a diamond blade.


The lawnmower is another essential tool in a landscaping tools list. Most people have one in their home, and it is usually in use five days a week. A lawnmower can be bought new or used, but it is always better to buy used. Some people might have more than one lawnmower, so keep that in mind when looking for landscaping tools to buy.


This is another one that is not on any landscaping tools list but is on most people’s wish lists. A backhoe is the workhorse of the landscaping business. It does not matter if you have a small lawn or a huge yard; a backhoe will get the job done. You can rent a backhoe from a construction company, or you can buy one. It is best to buy a new backhoe rather than an old model because backhoes are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Personal Protective Equipment

Protecting your body from the elements is just as important as protecting your lawns. There are a number of different types of personal protective equipment that you can purchase to protect yourself in the yard. These include heart palpitations, cold sores, flop sweat, and many other irritable materials that can make you feel ill. If you work in an area that has inclement weather, consider purchasing a rain poncho to keep you warm during those winter months.

Gas-Powered Tools

These tools are great for getting around corners and accessing hard-to-reach areas of the yard. If you have a nice assortment of gas-powered tools for sale, you will have enough to get all of the jobs that you want to do around the house. Lawnmowers, rakes, and trimmers are all possibilities for gas-powered tools. Make sure you have a nice selection available so that you can mow your lawn as well as cut it.

These are just a few landscaping tools that you can invest in to help you with your landscaping business. There are also several lawn mowers and rakes on the market for purchase. Take the time to shop around and see what is available so that you can make the best selection possible for the money that you are spending.

Landscaping hand tools are an essential part of running a successful landscaping business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small yard or a large one. You can still invest in quality landscaping hand tools. The first tool that you should purchase when you start a landscaping business is a basic weed whacker. This will save you time from having to pull weeds by hand.

A great tool that will be purchased is the electric lawnmower, which has many more functions than the basic weed-whacker. Another tool that you should buy when you start a lawn care business is a riding mower. This is perfect for trimming lawns because it can go practically anywhere. When you are looking over the landscaping tools list, look for products that will allow you to take care of larger areas.

Bottom Line

If you don’t have the money to purchase all the landscaping tools and equipment right away, wait a few months and invest in them. This way, you won’t rush into purchasing too much at once. And, at the end of the season, you will be glad that you waited. You can even sell your items after the season is over.

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