Which Cutting Deck Style Is Best For Your Robotic Lawn Mower

robotic lawn mower

A typical robotic lawn mower only requires the owner to set up some perimeter boundary wire around the yard that defines the area for which the lawn will be cut. The robot then uses this perimeter wire to find an available recharging station and within some cases to find the boundary of that area to be cut. When the grass cutter motor is not running, the lawnmower switches to a waiting mode.

While the concept of home automation has been around for quite some time, it was in the 1990s when the first robotic lawn mower was introduced. While many people still hesitate to try out a robotic system in their homes, they are quickly getting used to the concept. Even with the high cost of a robotic lawn mower, most homeowners are willing to make the investment due to the benefits of robotic automation. In addition to being able to go shopping or perform other tasks around the house while the robot completes its chore, one can easily relax and enjoy the great life they are creating by having a robotic lawn mower at home.

A Switch Located Inside The House

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The majority of robotic lawn mowers are controlled either by a switch located inside the house or from a remote control device. In the case of a remote controlled system, it is possible to program the cutting sequence to go along a predetermined path. If desired, the owner can set up narrow passages for cutting across a wide area around their property. For areas where the slope of the ground is extreme, a narrow passage might be preferable in order to save on labor. In areas where the slope is not great, a robotic lawn mower can be fitted with wheels that allow the unit to glide over uneven ground. This means that one does not need to worry about trying to keep the cutting mechanism upright at all times.

One of the most popular types of robotic lawn mowers is the type which is fitted with a lithium-ion battery. Most owners choose this type because it is designed to work for short periods of time, such as a day or two. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for various electric devices because they can hold a charge for a longer period of time than other types of batteries. Although lithium-ion technology has been around for quite some time, it is only recently that these batteries have become widely used in the manufacture of robotic mowers.

Advantage Of Using A Lithium-Ion Battery

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The lithium-ion lawn mower has certain advantages over other types of batteries. Because the charge life is much longer on a lithium-ion battery, owners can expect their robot grass cutter to last for two or three more full growing seasons. Another advantage of using a lithium-ion battery for your robotic lawn mower is that the spare batteries can be easily stored away until the next season. This means that your lawnmower will not have to be left on the lawn all winter, or even all summer long, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted sprinkling of healthy grass.

The final type of battery-powered robotic lawn mower we will discuss is one that makes use of smart connectivity. Most electric mowers run on small 12 volt batteries, but smart connectivity allows the owner to replace those batteries with larger and more powerful ones. When the old battery packs begin to show signs of wear and tear, replacing them with new ones can be quite a chore. However, by using a smart connectivity system, the owner simply plugs in the correct size battery into their mower and it is ready to go again.

The Concept Of Detection

Most electric mowers will also come with pre-installed smart connectivity sensors that will detect when the appropriate voltage has been reached, allowing the owner to plug in a new pack in right away.

A third type of battery-powered robotic lawn mower uses the concept of detection. This method works well in that most lawns have some sort of physical boundary wire that can be manually triggered. If there is nothing physically obstructing the lawn boundary, such as tall grass or a fence, the boundary wire can be manually sprung back into place. If something does get in the way, however, then the boundary wire’s sensors will sense this, trigger the lawn mowing system, and mow the yard.


All three of these cutting deck styles make use of smart home technology to provide the best mowing experience possible for the owner. The owner simply needs to program the cutting deck, connecting the controller to its own charging system, and the robot will start mowing. The controller will then communicate with the cutting deck to determine what height the blades should be cut at. Each robot model has its own set of sensors and blades that work together to provide a completely clean, smooth cutting experience.

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