Top 6 Landscape Design App

Landscape Design App

Landscape design is an art profession combining nature and culture. It bridges the spaces between landscape architecture and garden design. Mostly, Landscape designers collaborates with related disciplines on architecture, civil engineering, and artisan specialties. Did you know that improving the landscape around your home can increase its value of up to 28 percent? If you’re interested in changing or updating your property’s greenest part, why not use a landscape design app? You can use this to speed up the planning process and add your changes at the touch of a finger. To be involved in the actual process of building your home and its surrounding offers us a scale of delight. Here are six apps that we highly recommend.

Microsoft Pix Camera

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Thinking about designing your new garden in 3D? You can get this from Microsoft and use its Photosynth feature. With this, you can make a panorama using pictures of your garden to help the landscaper get a good view. This is also free for iOS devices.

Landscaper’s Companion

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If you want to choose every plant in your new garden, you can get this paid app on iOS. You can look through their database of more than 26,000 plants and trees to help you make your choice. Each entry shows you a planting guide, photos, and sharing options.

1000+ Fences Design Ideas

Nothing says a garden than by adding a fence. This free Android app shows you a plethora of photos that you can save as favorites. That way, you can choose which one to protect your property and complete your house’s facade.

Patio Design

Aside from your garden, your property can also come with a patio or outdoor fireplace. If you can fit them in your budget. Get this free Android landscape design app to see which styles would fit. Not only that, they update their database every month so that you can learn about new styles.

Moodboard Lite

If you took pictures of stuff you want in your garden, you could use this app to group them. All you have to do is get this free iOS app. Then, put all your stuff in the app to help you have a reference later.


What makes this app unique is you can look up which part of your garden you want. They also have links to help you get the items that you can use to redecorate it yourself. Overall, this Android and iOS app is your one-stop-shop for your next landscaping projects.


Landscape designing may be hard for some, that’s why software developers are working hard to invent applications that help us personalize our home and environment at our own comfort.If you’re still stuck on how you want your landscape to look, you can choose from any of these landscape design apps. With their help, you can find a way to complete your property and show your personality. Make sure to have your design re-checked by a professional landscaper before executing this design to prevent losing your investment and for accuracy.

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