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Landscape Gardeners are able to provide some great information on how you can make some stunning changes to your garden. Depending upon the nature of the work that needs doing, there are some great ideas here which could entirely transform your garden into something really special. However, before embarking on any changes to your garden, there are some things that you need to know. And that’s where we come in!

We have put together a list of the top tips which every outdoor enthusiast needs to know before they start their next landscaping project.

Top Tips for Landscape Gardener Near Me

Draw up a Plan

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This is one of the most important steps that you must take before you even start thinking about landscaping. By drawing up a plan, it allows you to think things through properly and also gives you a guideline as to how much work needs doing. For example, if your garden is free draining but quite shaded with little natural light then it will be different than say an entirely concrete yard which would require totally different plants.

Planting & Design

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By designing with plants in mind this allows for spaces within the garden which are conducive to the plants that need growing. For instance, planting shade loving crops near trees or placing climbing plants on trellis so they can grow upwards where sunlight is at its least intense.

Clean & Clear

It’s a great idea to get rid of all the old debris from the soil which could include tree trunks, branches and leaf litter etc. This allows for a new layer of topsoil before planting begins. It is also worth considering hiring a skip if you have lots of rubbish to remove.

New Top Soil

Also known as compost, this provides some nourishment for your plants roots and gives it that added boost needed when growing in poor dirt conditions such as heavy clay or compacted ground. There are many options on where to buy and how much to use but remember that quality will always come through over quantity so don’t be tempted into buying cheap stuff off the shelf at B&Q.


After the planting is done, it’s time to introduce water. This can be as easy as filling up a watering can or as complex as installing some irrigation system such as a dripper hose which will do all the hard work for you. Also try and place any outdoor taps close to where you will need them so that hoses aren’t left sagging over beds etc.


If you are planning on building an area of grass then make sure there is something protecting the soil from foot fall for between one & six months depending upon your turf thickness requirements. If not, weeds could become an issue which would mean extra maintenance at a later date.


Once everything has been laid out and the garden is growing, it’s time to leave it alone! This allows everything to become established before adding any further elements such as watering, feeding or cutting. There are many companies who offer maintenance services but try and find one that can tailor their service to meet your requirements. For example, a company cannot advise on all crop types so make sure you use a gardening company who specialises in your preferred area of interest if possible.


As with anything in life, rushing things can often lead to problems down the line when you least expect them thus if at all possible then allow yourself plenty of time before deciding when you want everything done ready for that summer BBQ.Also try and an eye on what other people in your area are doing to get ideas. You don’t have to copy but it doesn’t hurt just to take a peek over the fence.


When it comes to landscaping your outdoor area, there are so many options out there that the process can often be confusing and time consuming. However, by following these simple tips then you should be able to work through things smoothly without any problems. In addition, if something does go wrong then chances are that someone else in your street has been through a similar experience which means that they may have some good advice on how & why it happened.

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