The Fine Design and the Clear Details Make Work Vivid and Lively in Creating Your Own Special Soaps!

Have you been looking for a multi-purpose product that cannot only become a home essential but also can be used for baking purposes? Well, with us saying the word baking, you might have already guessed the name of the product. Baking a cake is not an easy task and while we have already established that, let’s take a moment to think about how difficult is the presentation would be. The cake is not created by everyone just for the way it tastes but also for the way it looks and how tempting the looks can be. On that note, cake molds are prominently used by bakers to bring unique presentations. While some people prefer to have homemade molds, it is not necessary to make one at home while you can purchase a perfectly designed cake mold. All you have to do this purchase it and have a cake done just like you planned for. 

3D Perfect Flower Soap and Candle Template

Coming to the details of the product, let’s start with the basics that it is convenient and easy to use and would be helpful even if you are a beginner. If you are worried about how you can remove the mold, well you do not have to worry about that anymore after purchasing this product. One major feature of the product is that it is easy to handle and can be used for baking purposes and as home decor. It is simply a perfect addition if you are looking for home essentials and also can add to your room decoration simultaneously. The product comes in different types with respective weight and mould weight and you can purchase your second into your requirement.

Let us not miss out on the best 3D Perfect Flower Soap and Candle Template deal.


  • Cake Tools Type Moulds
  • Certification SGS
  • Feature Eco-Friendly
  • Material Silicone Rubber
  • Model Number 003
  • color random
  • type soap mold
  • shape flower
  • product size/weight:
  • type 1: 7 x 7 x 5.5 cm/ 80g
  • type 2 : 8 x 7 .5 x 5 cm/ 90g
  • mold weight:
  • type 1: 350g
  • type 2: 360g
A cake made to look like a cup


  • When it comes to the advantages of this product, the first one would be that you are investing in something that will be of use to you in two different ways.
  • You can use it as a baking product or you can use it as a room decoration.
  • The product comes in silicone rubber material and you can choose from different colors.
A cake made to look like a cup


  • The pricing might seem a little competitive. 


We hope the details we have given about the product are as helpful as we expected them to be when you’re making a decision about purchasing cake mold. As we have already stated, this is more than just a baking product and will be a beautiful addition to your home decor. With budgeting going on everywhere, you might want to take the offer to invest your money in such a useful product.

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