Small Landscaping Plants That You Can Try

landscaping plants

Small plants are helpful for landscaping in small as well as big yards. At the same time, the tall plants make for a complete and exciting landscape design. The small plants add charm and elegance to your landscape. If you wonder what kinds of small plants you should use for landscaping, then we have the perfect guide for you. Small landscaping plants look adorable and add a lot of grace to your yard too.


A close up of a green plant

These are widely used plants in landscaping. Further, many people prefer them because they have a unique shape and are available in a wide range of colors. Moreover, you can even find contrasting shades such as hues of blue, a combination of yellow and green, and much more variations. 

In addition to this, growing this plant is easy as it does not require much sun or water. 


Background pattern

They are decorative plants that add a pop of color to your garden. Also, these plants do not grow more than 3 feet in height. Further, they have bright flowers that grow in unusual spiky plumes. 

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley is a delicate flowering plant. It is a low-growing shade plant that supports tiny bell-shaped flowers. Furthermore, these flowers have a beautiful aroma. 

Moreover, these plants spread quickly at the bare patches at the base of tall landscaping plants or trees. Further, you can plant them beneath the lilac bushes to fill your garden with the aroma of spring.


Sedums are one of the best small decorative plants. Further, these plants grow in several colors and patterns. Further, Lemon Coral Sedum grows three to ten inches tall while Dragon’s Blood Sedum grows up to three to four inches. 

These plants provide excellent ground cover and look so amazing. Thus, many people prefer to plant them in their yard or garden.

Korean Boxwood

It is a compact evergreen shrub that many people prefer. Further, it is a medium-sized plant that you can use for landscaping. 

In addition to this, many people get these plants shaped into hedges, triangles, spheres, and even more. These are an excellent choice for driveway landscaping too.


It is another medium-sized flowering plant suitable for landscaping purposes. Further, the plant features long, vibrant, and slender leaves, long-stemmed flowers. The Stella de Oro daylilies are yellow and look so cheerful. However, you can get them in different colors too. 

Coral Bells

These coral bells are bright purple. Further, they are glossy, scalloped leaves and provide your garden texture and color. They even sprout delicate white flowers during the summer season. 


These plants have the prettiest leaves. Further, this plant family consists of fiery reds, deep burgundies, electric greens, and soft pink. They have a fantastic trailing pattern that looks amazing in the flower bed.

Final Words

Each plant has something unique in it. So it depends on you as to what kind of plant you wish to plant in your garden. Also, you can either use a mix of plants or stick to two or three plants. Either way, your garden will look mesmerizing. 

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