Manual Lawn Mower – A Buyers Guide

manual lawn mower

Manual lawn mower is probably the oldest and simplest of all lawn mower. It is a great way to maintain a lawn without having to use any kind of power equipment or even gas. If you can remember back, you may recall how your grandmother used to drag that old garden tool she has over her knee and grass cutting that with her bare hands. Well, you too can enjoy the same old way of enjoying your grass cutting by using a manual lawn mower. In this article we are going to cover the top three best manual push lawn mower in the UK.

EInhell CX-1000 Manual Lawn Mower

eInhell CX-1000 manual lawn mower is made by eInhell, which is one of the leading manufacturers of electric lawn cutting equipment. The CX-1000 features a 1000-cc engine and has cutting heights of up to three feet. It also has a front-end load platform and four wheel drive. Along with this, you have clear instructions on the manual for cutting heights and the different parts of the mower.

eInhell Reel Lawn Mower Reel is another manual lawn mower that features high-powered cutting heights and maneuverability along with an easy-to-use throttle control. It has also been designed with a lightweight construction for easy portability. This reel mower has a strong, smooth-riding aluminum reel for cutting any size lawn, and has a reversible cutting height feature so you can cut a completely different height if needed.

EInspection Opti Meadow Stick Reel

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eInspection Opti Meadow Stick Reel offers one of the latest manual lawn mower, and it’s a real beauty. This reel mower is lightweight and comes in two models: the Stick Up Reel and the Nose Gone Round. With its cutting width of nine inches, it’s perfect for trimming small areas. Its four-wheel drive allows it to be easily moved from one spot to another, and its long wheel base makes it stable as you cut. The nose Gopher cage, handle bar, and brake pads are easy to remove for cleaning and its large cutting width means you won’t need a lot of room to store this manual lawn mower.

eInspection Quick Step Reel is an excellent manual lawn mower for gardeners who have limited space. Its large cutting width makes it great for trimming narrow, steep lawns, and its three-level height is comfortable for most gardeners. Its five inch cutting height is perfect for cutting thick, tall grass and its smooth-rolling cutting action helps keep your mower moving freely so you’ll spend less time mowing.

eInspection Curved Shaft Mower is a great choice for gardeners with tight spaces because this reel is very efficient when it comes to cutting both light and heavy grass cuttings. Its three-level height is ideal for cutting thick, tall grass in well-plowed lawns and its adjustable cutting height lets you choose the precise height you need to get the job done. Its durable steel construction and rubber wheels make it sturdy and easy to move around. Its five inch cutting height is also ideal for trimming small patches of lawn that you don’t want cut very deeply.

EInspection Tilt Lawn Mower

eInspection Tilt Lawn Mower is another top choice. Its durable nylon construction means it can handle heavier and longer cut grass and its powerful electric motor allows it to quickly mow through thick areas. Its three-level height is ideal for trimming tall grass or for cutting smaller patches of lawn. Its three-level height and variable cutting angle make it perfect for trimming lawns and its five-inch cutting height and diamond blade make it easier to work with. It has a two-year warranty and its electric motor allows it to be portable.


eInspection Cane forged Wheel is a good choice for those who prefer manual lawn care. Its durable plastic wheels make it ideal for heavy-duty duty lawns and its two grinding aluminum wheels provide smooth cutting power. Its cutting blade and cutting angle are also very sharp and it has no problem taking larger and heavier cuttings. This also comes with a two-year warranty.

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