Lawn Mower Tires – Factors To Consider

lawn mower tires

Choosing the appropriate lawn mower tires for your machine can be quite overwhelming, which is why we have here to assist. With literally thousands of lawn & garden spare tires on hand, tire specialists can help you select the correct tire for your specific needs. Call a tire specialist. Let us assist you.

To begin with, let’s look at the different kinds of tractor and lawn mower tires. There are two types of tread on these machines. The first type of tread is called radial and the other kind is called planar. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style. Radial tires allow for more traction in mud and loose soil.

A radial tire may have one or both of the following numbers: S, R, L, U, or P. For example, if the tractor has a S tire, it may have the first number stamped into the sidewall. This is referred to as the first number. The next numbers that may be stamped onto the sidewall are L, U, or P, depending on which side of the tractor the tire is placed. These numbers identify the side of the tractor and the sizes of its wheels.

When shopping for lawn mower tires, you also need to know the following information: The load rating is the maximum weight that the tire can support without breaking down. The load rating is measured from zero to six. On over-the-road tractors, the “load rating” is typically larger than on utility machines. The ply rating is the number of strands used in providing traction.

There are four different kinds of treads for lawn mower tires. Each of these treads is designed for a specific purpose, such as getting under shallow grass or for digging ditches for snow and ice. Different combinations of treads provide varying levels of traction, and each combination has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. The most common variety of tread is the round-tread design. As the name implies, this type of tread has a thin layer of a hard rubber built up at the edge of the tire’s surface.

The flat-tread design is another variety of lawn mower tires. This design is most commonly seen on lawn mower tires designed for use in utility tractors. The flat-tread design has a deeper center section and wider edges than the round-tread design.

Utility lawn mower tires are usually supplied with the machine and come with the appropriate tread pattern. Many riding lawn mowers require the addition of new tires to improve traction. To make the necessary repairs to existing tires, most riding mowers have a hydraulic system that works with an air pump to inflate the tires. Air is pumped into the tires through a tire valve, which is usually found in the rear tire’s sidewall.


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There are several other features to consider when purchasing lawn mower tires and other equipment. The manufacturer of the machine should always be consulted when it comes to choosing the appropriate load rating for the machine. For example, the smallest 12 hp machine will need a different amount of tire pressure than a much larger machine. Additionally, a small puncture in the small tire could prove disastrous at very high speeds; therefore, it is very important to consult a professional or an experienced mechanic before changing any part or adding any extra components to the lawn mower.

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