How To Plant And Maintain Sedum Reflexum

sedum reflexum

If you’re looking for an easy-care, drought-tolerant succulent to add to your garden, Sedum reflexum, also known as Stonecrop, is a great option. This plant is native to Europe and Asia, but it grows well in many parts of the United States. In this article, we will provide tips on how to plant and maintain Sedum reflexum.

1. Planting Stonecrop

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Although Sedum reflexum can grow in a variety of soil conditions, this succulent prefers well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. This means it’s important to add compost when planting your Sedum reflexum. Compact, clay soils should also be amended with organic matter prior to planting to ensure that the plant doesn’t suffocate and rot.

To determine how big you should make your hole for planting, dig a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the container’s root ball. Once you’ve loosened the sides of the hole with a spade or garden fork, place small chunks of wood (or something similar) inside the bottom where the plant will sit so that it sits at about an inch deeper than where it was planted in the container. This will create a basin that will hold excess water surrounding the roots after watering, thus preventing root rot.

Place your Sedum reflexum in the hole and pat down to make room for any additional organic amendments you may wish to add. However, refrain from adding fertilizer at this time as it can damage or kill the plant if added before planting. Fill the rest of the hole with soil and gently firm by using your hands or feet. Water thoroughly until water begins to run out of the bottom of the hole. Allow excess water to drain into a container instead of letting puddle around your plant’s base as many plants don’t like wet feet!

2. Planting In Containers

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Sedum reflexum is also a popular choice for container gardening because it tolerates both drought and frost. However, before planting Sedum reflexum in containers you will need to up your plant’s potting game with some good quality potting soil. This will ensure that the roots have all they need to establish themselves quickly after planting.

Don’t forget to add something organic like compost or bark chips so the mix comes to about an inch below where the top of your surface soil will be. Refrain from using manure as this can cause root rot if it gets too hot around your plant’s roots! Once you’ve done this, place your Sedum reflexum into its new container and fill with more soil until there are 1-2 inches left at the top.

3. Watering Stonecrop

Sedum reflexum will do best when watered thoroughly and infrequently. This is because Sedum roots aren’t the most extensive of plants, so they won’t be able to gather as much water or nutrients as other plants with more developed root systems. To determine how often to water your Stonecrop, stick your finger an inch into the soil. If it feels dampish-dry, then it’s time for a drink! Also, avoid letting this plant sit in cold or hot water as root rot may occur if left standing in water for extended periods of time.


Sedum reflexum is a succulent plant that is easy to maintain and propagate. It can be used in rock gardens, as ground cover, or in hanging baskets. In this article, you will learn how to plant and care for sedum reflexum so that you can enjoy its beautiful blooms all year long.

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