Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

backyard landscaping ideas

Backyard landscaping ideas are as simple as adding pavers to the earth. Turn an existing garden path into an impressive series of mini-patios by separating them with strategically placed ribbons of dense soil. If your backyard’s drainage is becoming a problem, capitalize on this by creating a sloping driveway that flows into the backyard. This easy solution solved the drainage issue by allowing water to percolate into the garden rather than pooling on the earth below. The homeowners struggled for several years with a damp, low area for gardening, until they finally excavated their spot and converted the issue into a gorgeous landscape focal point.

Create A Play Of Size With Pavers

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One of the more intriguing backyard landscaping ideas is to create a play of size with pavers. Create an elongated “L” shaped lawn on top of the grass in your yard. Shorten the lawn by adding short grass and pruning branches and weeds. Longer grass will provide more comfort underfoot and provide a more even playing field. This type of landscape is perfect for those who like to have more than one type of lawn. It also allows the homeowner to keep more of their lawn in an open space so that wildlife can access the underneath of the grass easily.

Creating A Hardscaped Design

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Creating a hardscaped design means that the garden is built up from the ground upwards and outward. This results in a feature that resembles a steep mountain, with climbing walls of hardscapes. These walls can be used to great advantage by dividing the garden into two areas, creating an outdoor space or by defining a specific part of the garden as an outdoor space.

One of the most interesting backyard landscaping ideas for hardscape is creating a feature that resembles a steep ramp up to a tree. The idea is to create a frame for the tree so that it does not have to be straight cut from the main stem. The first step would be to create a trellis system with long pavers that you can add climbing material to. Then you could build a wooden wall at the top of the trellis system, using trellis wires to support it. Connect this frame to wooden pavers that you have already picked out. Add climbing plants to the lawn such as gerberas or violets, and use the trellis as a backdrop when you sit on your new patio.

Creating A Water Feature Such As A Pond Or Waterfall

Another idea that will have an outdoor living design aspect is creating a water feature such as a pond or waterfall. Water has the ability to stimulate the growth of both plants and animals. A waterfall can have a dramatic effect on your backyard landscaping ideas. A nice feature to use in a larger backyard landscape design is a fountain. Fountains can add a soothing sound, while also providing a beautiful sight.

Last Words

When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, you need to know how much money you have to spend. Some great ways to save money is by doing something you enjoy, doing it in an inexpensive way, and making sure that you plan everything out before starting. It is also helpful if you start with small jobs such as planting flowers or adding a bench to your yard to get a feel for the whole process before you jump into large projects. Your yard is a reflection of you and your personality so make sure that you take the time to enjoy it.

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