Artificial Grass in the City of Melbourne

artificial grass melbourne

Artificial grass has become the main alternative of landscaping for most people due to its high availability and affordability. The installation of artificial turf at your home or office has numerous benefits. It can improve the aesthetic value of your property. It can dramatically increase the lifespan of your grass and can also help reduce the overall costs of maintaining your landscape. Moreover, installing artificial turf is a very convenient solution to maintain the natural look of your yard and garden.

Why Artificial Grass Is Becoming So Popular

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Apart from these benefits, there are other benefits that make artificial grass a wise investment. It requires less maintenance than natural grass, which means more savings on your part. With this, you will not be spending money regularly on herbicide application or fertilizer. You do not have to buy herbicides and pesticides every year.

Artificial grass requires less maintenance because it is resistant to any kind of weather condition and hence ideal for any type of home or business. It is non-irrigation because it does not require replanting. It also maintains its lush green colour for a longer period of time than the natural ones. This means that the initial installation cost is lower and the total annual cost for the same landscape can be kept low.

Artificial Grass Is Helping To Improve The Quality Of Land In Melbourne

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In the city of Melbourne, synthetic turf has become more of an option in comparison to the traditional grass. This is because the city of Melbourne experiences some of the worst conditions of the sun, wind and rains. The harshness of the Australian weather makes the use of the synthetic turf more viable than the conventional lawns. The lack of sunlight and heat causes the soil to lose its nutritional value and the lawns become bare and brown. However, with the installation of the synthetic turf, the soil becomes rich and rejuvenated and the grass starts growing again.

A study reveals that the areas in and around Melbourne have seen a marked improvement in water retention, air quality and the resistance to heat and rainfall. All these factors have helped to reduce the usage of water and also to improve the indoor air quality in the homes and office spaces. The artificial grass Melbourne has also been used in schools as it is an economical and hygienic solution for the playgrounds and sports fields. Apart from these, the study shows that the artificial grass Melbourne has also helped in increasing the property value of the homes in the urban areas.

Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance apart from occasional wedding, clipping and watering. The fact that the surface is totally covered means that the dust, dirt and grime are washed away without causing any damage to the surface. There is no need to replace the grass every year and there is no soil erosion. Hence, you save on the cost of fertilizers and seeding. You can choose from a variety of textures, such as; 40mm artificial grass, medallion artificial grass and Bermuda grass which can all be maintained easily with minimal expenditure on maintenance.

The cost of installing artificial turf in the city of Melbourne has come down considerably over the last few years because of the availability of better technology and materials. The availability of such a wide variety of textures has made it easier for the manufacturers and installers to offer custom made fake grass products. A clear advantage of using this type of turf in the city of Melbourne includes less wear and tear on the roads. The synthetic turf products of Melbourne have a much longer life than natural grass and hence you will not have to make any additional investment for maintenance.


If you are considering making the landscape more attractive by incorporating artificial turf into your landscape, then you should consider all the above points. Apart from helping to create a greener environment and improving the air quality, you will find it easier to keep your lawn free of debris, dust and weeds and to ensure that you get the best value for your money. The introduction of fake grass has certainly helped to make the city of Melbourne a greener place to live and play.

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