All About Lawn Mower Parts

lawn mower parts

The good thing about understanding the lawn mower parts available for your lawn mower is that you can easily diagnose the issue when something goes wrong with it. It does save you money, time and effort on the necessary repair and maintenance if needed. This is especially true if you need to replace a malfunctioning part. Here are the most important lawn mower parts:

The housing is one of the important lawn mower parts to consider when looking for the right replacement or repair. The type and quality of the housing you choose will depend on the other lawn mowers you own. The material of the housing is also important, since the grass on your lawn will be dependent on the material it grows up on. The most common material is plastic, but you may want to look into wood or metal options if you want to have a more customized look for your lawn.

Spark Plugs

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Spark plugs are also among the most important lawn mower parts to consider. Not only do you want to have a good-quality spark plug, but you also want to keep it working properly. You should also check out the filter, since this is responsible for removing any harmful materials from the air before they reach your lungs. The filter needs to be changed regularly to prevent problems. The spark plug and the entire engine make up the most important part of your mower, so you should ensure they are in good working condition all the time. If the spark plug is badly performing, you should consider replacing it immediately.

Mower blades are another important piece of lawn mower parts to keep in mind. They are especially important for those who have a small lawn. These mowers use larger tires than standard electric-powered mowers, so they can go over uneven or sandy grounds much more easily. This is great for those who have a lot of rocks or other debris on their lawn. However, even homeowners with smaller lawns need to be careful about blades that are not damaged, since they can injure children or pets when they get stuck.

Pull Cords

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Pull cords are an important part of a mower, as well. A pull cord is used to pull your lawn mower to the precise location you want it to go. Unfortunately, many people have experienced problems with pull cords, which are often cut or broken because they are not taken care of properly. If you want to avoid costly repairs or replacements, you should make sure that you buy high quality pull cord mowers, which have heavy-duty components.

As mentioned above, the proper size and height of spark plugs and pull cords are extremely important. If these items are too short or too long, they can damage your mower. Also, if they are damaged, they won’t work as well. You can tell whether your spark plug or pull cord is the right length by looking at the base of the item. If it’s too long, it will be difficult to pull into tight areas, while if it is too short it will feel very loose.

Located Inside The Engine

Another important lawn mower engine component is the spark plug, which is located inside the engine. Since it is extremely dangerous to replace the spark plug, you should always purchase new spark plugs from reputable dealers. If you don’t know the exact size of spark plug you need, it’s best to ask a mechanic for advice. Since different models have different plugs, you should choose the correct one according to the model of your mower.

The final piece of equipment you should have in your yard is the spark plug wire. This is the electrical component that ignites the gas engine, and it determines how much energy is in the fuel stream.


It’s critical that it is not too long or too short, since it could cause an explosion if it is short enough. There are several other lawn mower parts, such as blades, which can also affect your mower’s performance. By knowing what you need, and what to look for, you can keep your mower in good working condition for years.

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