Add Some Joy, Artistic Vibe, and Creative Touch to Your Home Decor! Try This Out Now and Get Amaze!

We all love to decorate our house to make it feel like our dream home. People are very creative when it comes to interior designing. They paint walls, add fancy furniture, design using creative wallpaper, and whatnot. There are various designs and patterns to paint a wall, people always look for something new, something different, the painting and putting wallpaper takes a lot of time. Also, painting is messy work, all the color stains make the house look devasted. People always find an easy way, wall stickers in this case. Wall stickers patterned stickers for walls. It eliminates the work of putting a wallpaper. They can be used on any wall as per the preference of the owner. No need for any assistance. These wall stickers decorate your home just in time, with easy installation.      

Garden-Designed Wall Sticker

Garden-designed wall stickers come in very beautiful designs. They are available in small and large sizes. These stickers are made up of PVC plastic. they do not easily peel off and stays on the wall for at least 5-10 years. They stay on the outdoor walls for 3-5 years and indoors they may last longer. They are strong and can be stretched without tearing apart. It is a new way of doing it yourself. Make sure the surface you wish to attach must be clean and free from dust and grease or any other contamination. Quick and nonmessy way to design the walls. Just peel and stick to the wall where ever you want. After pasting the wall sticker on the wall, firmly press along the border and remove the air bubbles if any. The adhesive is stronger sticks to the wall. The sticker can be adjusted if positioned wrongly. Not limited to the wall, these wall stickers can also be used to decore other furniture. They are trendy and fashionable, with various floral and leaves designs, a great way to complete a garden theme on your wall.  

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  • Specification Single-piece Package
  • Pattern Plane Wall Sticker
  • Style Modern
  • Classification For Wall
  • Scenarios WALL
  • Theme cartoon
  • Model Number 13SS0102
  • Material PVC
A close up of a flower


  • Wall stickers are available in various sizes.
  • These stickers are adjustable.
  • Wall stickers are easy and do it yourself.
  • Wall stickers have strong adhesive.
  • Wall stickers are multi-purpose.
  • Wall stickers are cheap.
  • Wall stickers are waterproof.
A room with art on the wall


  • Wall stickers can not be reused multiple times.
  • While removing the sticker wall paint may also come off. 
  • Wall stickers do not stick on wet surfaces.


These garden-designed wall stickers are like wall tattoos. These stickers are affixed to the wall and any other smooth surface. A creative way to decorate and design the wall without paints and those very expensive wallpapers. Ideal for family lounge, bedroom, restaurants, kids room, nursery, etc. Easy and removal, do not worry if you change your mind, one can remove the stickers quickly leaving no mark on the wall. A great DIY way to design the walls.

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