5 Different Types of New Guinea Impatiens to Grow in Your Garden

New Guinea Impatiens

Sparkle like bright gems in your garden or container with these five types of new guinea impatiens. New Guinea impatiens are one of the most popular flowering plants available today. They’re easy to grow, versatile, and come in a variety of colors that can fit into just about any garden design. Plus, they have the added benefit of being low maintenance once planted.

Here are five different types of New Guinea impatiens you should consider growing in your own outdoor space this year.

New Guinea Gold Series

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If you want to add brilliant color to your garden beds but lack the space for large shrubs or trees, consider adding the New Guinea Gold series instead. They grow to a height of just 4 inches, but they pack a punch of color that can’t be beaten. The series has eight different varieties to choose from, including ‘beacon’, ‘firebird’, and ‘papaya’.

Blue Wave Series

Another great type of New Guinea impatiens for gardens with space restrictions is the Blue Wave series. This variety is perfect for hanging baskets or container gardens because it only grows to a height of 12-22 inches tall. The leaf edges are also serrated, adding an extra decorative touch. Try pairing this variety with low-growing plants like begonias or creeping Jenny ( Lysimachia nummularia ) for a cool look in your garden beds.

Border Bunch Series

The Border Bunch series will add color to your garden with a slightly different look—this variety grows in a bushy shape rather than the typical upright form of other New Guinea impatiens. Their height is around 15 inches tall, so they work great for border edging or along a walkway where a shorter plant is needed. This series has five different varieties to choose from: ‘candela’, ‘dazzler’, ‘lava’, ‘ruby slippers’, and the popular ‘shamrock’.


If you’re looking for something that can be trained up trellises or used as decorative ground cover, consider adding the Climber variety to your garden this year! It only requires partial sunlight and will grow in a ground cover-like way to create a beautiful carpet of color in your garden beds. There are three different varieties: ‘amethyst’, ‘fantasy pink’ and ‘mint julep’.

Dwarf Cavendish

If you want New Guinea impatiens but plan on growing them in cooler conditions, check out the Dwarf Cavendish variety. This plant can tolerate temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit without showing signs of damage, so they’re a great choice for planting along walkways or areas that might get colder during the winter season. They also only reach a height of 12 inches tall, which is perfect for smaller gardens.


New Guinea impatiens are a beautiful choice for any gardener looking to add color and texture to their outdoor spaces. You can grow them in your garden beds, your hanging baskets, or build a quick ground cover using the climbing variety.

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